Find meaning, purpose & fulfilment in life

A coach can help you move forward. But to get the full benefit, it’s essential to find the right one for you.

Aboodi Shabi has an unusually profound and thoughtful approach which means you’ll be working at a level that produces deep insights and meaningful change.

Coaching for leaders

Going far beyond typical leadership coaching, Aboodi helps you explore more deeply, right into your being and relationships as a leader. The results can be phenomenal – if you are ready.

Training for groups

Aboodi will create a bespoke programme to train your people in leadership, or to develop them as a team. All his workshops are experiential and interactive – and more fun than you might imagine.

Mentoring for coaches

If, as a coach, you’re ready to deepen your capacity to work with clients, Aboodi will provide personal mentoring, train you as part of a group, or you can attend his Coaching Mastery workshop.

Is Aboodi right for you?

In the words of his clients, Aboodi is most commonly described as deep, challenging and direct. If you are unsure about thinking more profoundly, don’t be – Aboodi will support you throughout, with caring, compassion, gentleness and sensitivity. He has a lightness of touch even when addressing the deepest or most difficult issues.

His training courses contain a surprising amount of fun, laughter and energy, while delegates consider his keynote speeches to be insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking.