Privacy Policy

Aboodi Shabi and Company Ltd Privacy Policy

Protection of your personal data is a hot topic, so you might want to read about our privacy policy.

At the start of any engagement, we’ll give you full details of our privacy policy, and seek your consent.

The only information we gather is your contact details – we use this to enable continuing conversations.

We don’t use your personal information for marketing purposes and we won’t give it to any third parties, unless we are required to by law.

We also store client names and email addresses in a coaching log – this is for our professional certification with the International Coach Federation (they may ask to see it).

We destroy client notes one year after the coaching relationship is complete, but you can ask for your details to be deleted any time before that if you prefer.

If you sign up to our newsletter, your email address will be stored on MailChimp. Of course, you are free to unsubscribe whenever you like. Simply click the link in the footer of every newsletter.

The final thing you might like to know is that Aboodi Shabi and Company Ltd is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioners Office.

We hope this information gives you the reassurance you seek. If you’d like to know anything else about how we use your data, just give us a call.