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If you’re a coach, you can join a group training session or work one-to-one with Aboodi through his personal mentoring programme. Read more about each option below:


Aboodi’s most popular training programme is ‘Coaching Mastery’. This is a thought-provoking and stimulating one-day workshop which gives you new perspectives about coaching and the world in which we do our work.

The day will be highly experiential with plenty of coaching and reflective exercises. You’ll discover the relevance of coaching in our times, working with moods and emotions in coaching, working with the body in coaching, and the use and management of self in coaching.

If you prefer, this event can be run over two or three days.

You can also book specific workshops on:

– Working with the Body in Coaching
– Working with Moods and Emotions in Coaching


If you’re working as a coach, why not talk to Aboodi about mentor coaching?

You will benefit from a tailor-made service. For example, this might include regular calls to explore your client issues and concerns, and help identify different approaches. You could also listen together to your coaching sessions and then discuss your coaching and gain  different perspectives. Mentor coaching will also support you with your application for ICF accreditation.

Watch Aboodi in action

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What coaches say about Aboodi

“What I admire most is his capacity to gently illuminate and liberate ‘the human condition’ with great skill, delicacy and compassion. As he works with and through language, emotions/moods, and the body, a previously elusive clarity begins to manifest, and you ”get it” – truly, completely, viscerally. This is learning of the first order, made possible by the most modest of men. Do not miss the opportunity to meet, listen and/or work with him.”
Karen Marsh

“Aboodi is a thoughtful, wise, spiritual and inspiring coach and trainer. Aboodi is someone who truly listens deeply and is not afraid to challenge assumptions and think big picture. I admire his strength of values. It’s a pleasure to be able to recommend Aboodi as a coach, trainer and thought-provoking speaker.”
Alisa Burke

“Aboodi’s training is deep, inspiring and transformational. His speaking captivates audiences and his coaching gently encourages clients, students and coachees to step out of their comfort zone.”
Rafael Garcia Monroy

“It was a pleasure working with Aboodi. This is not only to speak about his high professional training or speaking skills, which are significant and inspiring, but also his unique personality and sensitivity of connecting with others in a deep and profound way that eliminated my concerns and implanted trust, thus creating a productive environment for my growth and success.”
Rehab Abbas

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